Condensed like soup

Wow…busy busy busy! So much has happened since the last blog, but I’ll try and keep it short and to the point. In fact, why don’t I just put the “haps” in bulletin style format?

  • Pandemonium had a fabulous opening night, despite a few odds and ends.
  • I bought a skateboard–the guy at store said he’d put it together in 30 mins, I come back, and it’s untouched! I give him another 30. I return and he’s selling another skateboard to some kid and promises to have mine completed by a different sales rep. Okay. I come back 30 mins later and the other sales rep is completing the skateboard the kid after me purchased! OKAY–I ask for a refund and they politely with a dash of embarrassment oblige.
  • I bought a camera!
  • I had an audition with Northside Theatre Company–they had a mind blowing set for “Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf?”
  • I’m back to exercising
  • I had some wonderful photos taken by talented Jillian Kay, some of which I will be posting
  • I burned through all the episodes of Firefly and I’ve become quite a fan

Well, that’s it! That’s as condensed as it could be without leaving out too much. All in all, it’s been busy but enjoyable.

Photos by Jillian Kay


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  1. Liberty says:

    Have I ever told you about my AP English project in high school? It was on Virginia Woolf! I had to read three of her novels. Interesting stuff, though I haven’t touched them since, haha. They’re still in my bed’s headboard… I have a mini built-in bookcase there. Dorky, I know.

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