iWonderCon 2011

I didn't sign up for this!

I survived WonderCon 2011 with both my eyes. But boy did they get a work out. I’ve always been a comic book fan and given the chance I’d probably start collecting comic books again. I have to thank my co-worker for reminding me that WonderCon was right around the corner. I made sure to update my calendar with a giant star saying, “YOU BETTER GO THIS YEAR!”. And go I did.

I didn’t go alone though! My good pal, and fellow Marden™, Leejay came with. Our mutual friend Rayson, a SoCal native, also found his way to us (he was on a trip in the Bay)!

Rayson and Leejay

First of all, let me just say that there’s no way I’m going to post all of the photos I have of that day. There’s just too many (and yet, not enough, haha…). But you are more than welcome to check them out in my WonderCon Facebook album.

What’s a visit to this type of event without a picture with R2D2?

Beep be boop bop perreettt weeeawwwoooo!
Don't cross the streams!
How's my acting?
The floor. Ala Miniatures!

And there were just some people I had to get photos with (and some I wanted to but wasn’t able to, -sadface-)…

I still felt heroic next to them.
Only one of my favorite television shows of all time! "Firefly"
I have no idea what was going on behind me...some kind of line..that lead to nowhere...
I'm a sucker for all things STEAMPUNK!

And a favorite of mine:

Rad to the bone!

And finally, going back, what’s a visit to one of these events without a photo with some variation of Princess Leia?

Until next time!



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