Unspoken longevity

When we started on our short, “UNSPOKEN“, I didn’t realize I’d be writing about it on numerous occasions. Often times our 48hr shorts refrains from poking its head in our business, but “UNSPOKEN“‘s success is greatly due to the support of a community that’s nurtured budding artists who promote their works on the web. And I think it’s because of that force that keeps it alive in people’s mind –as well it should be, I dedicated the short to everyone. It’s everyone’s baby, and what’s more, it’s a story about these people who, through small action contribute to their personal life in addition to the health of our planet.

Poster design by Geoff Olegario

We finally have it uploaded on Youtube for easier access. You can catch ALL of my blog entries here, from the making of to its latest screening. But why read when you can watch? Right?

We’d love to hear feedback from you! Or if you’re so inclined, a review. There are numerous ways you can get those to us and we’d be glad to have them. You can write us at info@squaremarden.com (subject: “UNSPOKEN review), or for the movies buffs out there, you can visit UNSPOKEN’s IMDB page, or Tweet us 


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