Bromance in the Palace…

I linked up with Richard and Leejay after taking care of apartment related matters (oh, and making peace with my Theatre Bay Area audition). We snagged breakfast then zipped over to San Francisco. We initially planned to meet in regards to Square Marden related business but because Andrew wasn’t able to join us, we took a scenic detour and ended up at the Palace of Fine Arts.

I wanted to take the least dramatic wide photo of the Palace...voila!

Don’t let the photo fool you, it was an amazingly pleasant day in San Francisco! While we were there we ran into a few weddings, some were LIVE and others were just photoshoots.

One of many neat wedding photoshoot angles...

I’m glad we brought our Canon 7D –there were a lot of photo-opportunities!


But, going back to weddings…

Congratulations to the happy couple! ......Leejay!

Also, those mobile ice cream vendors are geniuses…

Richard and I had the ice cream sandwich. Nomz!
And Leejay had Michelangelo...cowabunga!

We had an extra hour to spare so we continued wandering the Palace grounds (haha, I’ve always wanted to say that). There’s a lot to do in an hour, so what do we do? Duh, more lying down game!

Seats this big, you might as well lay down...

Managed to catch this spectacle on the way out…

Kind of reminds of Kratos in God of War...

Next stop, The Regency Ballroom!

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