The Black Friday Tweets

I spent close to five hours in line (one line, with one register, with more than a handful of computer crashes) and I couldn’t help but contemplate on my life. But when that was over, I had more than enough time to send out some Tweets. Here are some Tweets that made it out of the trenches.!/tasialabastro/status/139978011331149824!/tasialabastro/status/139981685923119104!/tasialabastro/status/139985645182521344!/tasialabastro/status/139998979285975040!/tasialabastro/status/140010857097728001!/tasialabastro/status/140013181111250944!/tasialabastro/status/140015178208129025!/tasialabastro/status/140019824037339136!/tasialabastro/status/140021050938372096!/tasialabastro/status/140022253290143744!/tasialabastro/status/140023709342765056!/tasialabastro/status/140026332837969920!/tasialabastro/status/140026575570747392!/tasialabastro/status/140059089614028800

What a night/morning. And in case you missed it, I posted a guide on how to survive Black Friday!

What were some of the musings you had while standing in line? I’d love to hear from you, leave a comment below or reach me on Twitter!


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