iPad vs. Kindle: Which would win in a knife fight


Does size matter? (photo courtesy of http://www.tipb.com)

I originally intended to add them to my Christmas Buyer Guide but after running into an internal debate that would rival any political hoopla, I decided to omit them. They might be cutting edge technology, with both being the sharpest in their respective class (puns intended), but it’s like comparing apples to oranges. If you’re looking for a run down on their specs, or pros and cons, you’re better off searching elsewhere. Instead, I’m laying down the facts of why “I” (late 20’s male, actor, filmmaker, gamer, arts advocate and general entertainer of imagination) decided to buy a KINDLE TOUCH over an iPad.

What was I looking for?

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to always be connected to the internet and to keep close watch on my social media web real estates. But the decision to go Kindle was mostly based on my search for leisurely activities. I spent a good deal of 2011 managing and promoting my acting career adjacent to developing a robust film-making network. And with the year winding down, and my brain craving some less intense-near nostalgic activity, I went back to the basics: Reading. Leisurely reading, without any distractions; One that would be present if I owned an e-reader as opposed to a tablet.

With the Kindle Touch, I’m not tempted to check on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or The Onion News. Nope, book and imagination are united in an adventure undisturbed by the likes of a Hashtag.

For the record, I own an iPhone and Macbook Pro and am usually around a wifi network. I felt an iPad would be redundant for me. But if someone were to give it to me as a gift, or if I won it on some contest, well…who am I to say no. Right?

What rhymes with budget?

Apparently Kindle rhymes with budget. My budget, to be precise. With an overwhelmingly generously price tag attached to the Kindle, it was a no-brainer for me. Sure, with an iPad I could surf the web, send e-mail, watch clips on YouTube and maintain civility in a small Country. But that’s not at all what I wanted to do. I wanted an inexpensive way to be able to enjoy reading books.. So for a mere $99, I can tow around all of my favorite books –on e-paper! Done deal.

Why is the Earth round?

Ever wonder? Well, the Earth is round because of gravity. But that’s not what this post is about so I don’t know why you’re entertaining this question!

Finally, does size matter?

YES. At least when it comes to things you hold with your hands….that you intend to read. Right. Yes, the Kindle is, dare I say, handy. It’s lightweight and is roughly smaller than a DVD box and half as thick. And before I run the risk of turning this paragraph into a oozy innuendo, I’ll conclude by exclaiming that e-ink is rather wicked and easier on the eyes (for extend periods of time) than back lit text.

Do you own either of these devices? If so, are you reading this entry on that device? How did you come to decide on the Kindle or iPad? –Still on the fence about the two, don’t worry, there’s no time limit. What are your reservations? Feel free to leave me a message below!


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  1. minordiscrepancy says:

    I own a Kindle and have played on an IPad my friend owns. I personally prefer the Kindle. The main motivator for me was battery usage. The Kindle takes up so little power you can use it for HOURS AND HOURS. I will typically sit down and knock out a book in one sitting, so this is really convenient for me. Also, despite not being back lit, I find the type much easier to read and less of a strain on my eyes than the IPad.

    1. That is a perfectly good reason to own a Kindle and while I did not include it in my current post, it certainly crossed my mind. The e-ink is fantastic! Thank you for the comment. What are your favorite Kindle reads?

  2. Darnisha says:

    I was torn between the two. I had originally wanted to get the.ipad when it first came out, but decided to wait. Annoyingly Apple upgraded the iPad and I decided just to continue waiting. The main reason for the wait was because of the price. I mean $499 is pretty steep for a fun toy. That’s just way too much money especially since I’m broke and its no joke. It was like the universe answerer my prayers when the Kindle Fire came. The same concept and functionality as the ipad, but only half the price. I knew I’d be happywith either product, but I’m glad I got the Kindle Fire. I like products that have multiple uses. I can read books and magazines, play games, check email and, of course, tweet my life away. I think I made a good choice.

    1. Yeah, the fact that Apple no longer sells the iPad 1 (which I’d gladly use today) is a bummer. I was struggling with the Kindle Touch and the Fire. I’m really enjoying my Touch (heh), but I’d have no problems if I received the Fire as a gift –haha!

      Now that you’re about a week into owning the Fire, what are some of your after thoughts?

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