Now Circa Zen

I went to work today. A Sunday.

But I work in a performing arts theatre –working on a Sunday is not so uncommon, even if it just front of house type of work. March has been such a whirlwind type of a month that going in for a seven hour shift answering phone calls and passing out theatre tickets feels like swimming in peanut butter right after a brisk lap around the pool.

I was determined to make it another happy day. Woke up bright and early and took the train down to the Mountain View Farmer’s Market. Which thankfully, is part of my commute to work anyway.

I literally stopped and smelled the flowers. And you know what, it’s everything its cracked up to be! I highly recommend it. Despite my leisurely stroll, I did have a goal in mind. And that was finding something tasty to eat.

Lots of these…

But I ultimately left with some Sukhi’s Samosas.

I love Samosas as much as I love empanadas! And it wasn’t until after having one that I noticed that they were award-winning. Who knew!

Congrats Sukhi!

If I ever catch myself out there again, I’ll definitely have to go back for more. There was a kick in each bite which I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Makes me want to study more about spices. Adding that to my to do list, for sure.

One of the advantages of working at a performing arts theatre is, and thankfully for me, I get to watch lots of free theatre! And today felt like one of those days when I wanted to really have this communion with actors and other audience members.

I caught the matinee performance of Carly Mensch’s (WEEDS co-writer), NOW CIRCA THEN at TheatreWorks.

Post-show thoughts: It was okay. I enjoyed it. I feel it’s a pretty accessible show. Accessible in a sense that, even if you weren’t an avid theatre-goer, you’d probably have a good time sitting in this 85 minute intermission-less play.

I spent the rest of the shift relaxing with a really tasty mocha.

You know, contrast really is the spice of life. I don’t think I would have enjoyed this day as much if I didn’t experience a crazy last two weeks. And vice versa!

How do you spend your time away from work? I’d love to know. Maybe I can adopt a few of those neat adventures…


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Zillah Glory says:

    this entry makes me hungry and want to hug you all at the same time. accessible. i laughed. i have a hard time figuring out what the right balance of “is good” and “will get people in seats” is supposed to be. accessible just … stepped all over that fine line with one big gorgeous footprint:)

  2. Sounds like you have an amazing job – and commute. Wish things were so bright, clean and vibrant on my way to work in Miami!

    Thanks for the ping back.

    1. Thanks Ashley! The job is neat. The career is fantastic…well, less career, more passion. As for the commute, ahem, hah, not that swell.

      But hey, Miami has nice beaches, and I do sorely miss warm clear waters. Oh well, fence-is-always greener syndrome, right?

      Thanks for visiting! I’ll have to try some of your recipes some time!

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