I’m stealing from a fellow artist and guest blogger, Zillah, when I say that. Catapult.

The last couple of weeks have been a wild rush; a combination of catching up, re-orienting, discovering, and mind challenges.

Two weeks ago I transitioned from TheatreWorks to San Jose Repertory Theatre (yes, back to the Rep); from part-time work to a full-time all in gig. I’m working as their Outreach Associate- that includes The Red Ladder Theatre Company, Rep on Tour, and various Outreach programs.

In two weeks I’ve had to assist with the study guide for an upcoming show, prep and execute the web online copy for Recess at the Rep (an Outreach program aimed at sharing theatre with teachers), work with HTML, film Insight Night for an upcoming show, facilitate corporate training at Ebay/Paypal, sit in on an audition for the next Rep on Tour production (Antigone), and do laundry. Yes, you read right, laundry.

Rehearsal with other Red Ladder Company members, Melissa and Lance- prepping for corporate training at Ebay/Paypal
The cubicle.
Running the camera during Insight Night for an upcoming show, The Death of the Novel
Ebay/Paypal, candidates in training- letting go and jumping into their imagination!

I especially enjoyed the Ebay/Paypal day- for one, it was off-site and secondly, we were fed! Glutton free, I might add.



Both, at the same time…I don’t know. Something like that.

It’s been that kind of two weeks; back to the familiar, but with a whole new light. Every day has been different, and I appreciate that. One of the fears I had when I thought about full-time job was mundane routines. I shuddered at the thought- but no, so far I’ve had a blast! The job has me engaged in imagination and creativity- that’s a win.

Mold it. It’s in your hands.

To top it off, I’m still involved with a show outside of work! And I’ve been able to audition (and book!) for a couple of side projects. But that’s for another day to write.

Grateful. -pulting.


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