My thoughts on A Kind of Sad Love Story

A KIND OF SAD LOVE STORY is a well paced, if not mirrored composition of what memories are under the duress of a painful, but necessary, breakup. Often times the show reminds us of the fragility of relationships when words are left unspoken, and actions undefined.

At the core of it are these individuals who, despite their best efforts in continuing their personal endeavors as a unit, find themselves in a precarious position.  The play hits on so many points. Worth noting are the hopefulness of Youth, and ultimately into the maturation of ideals that continuously add to the layers of individuality.

I'm in cast B
I’m in cast B

Previews start this week, with its Opening Night on March 23rd.

I’m in cast B and will be performing on these following dates/times:

March 22nd, 8p (preview)
March 23rd, 8p
March 30th, 3:30p

April 5th, 8p
April 6th, 3:30p & 8p
April 7th, 7:30p
April 12th, 8p
April 13th, 8p

UPDATE* – We’ve extended the show!

CAST A April 11th, 800PM 
CAST B April 12th, 800PM 
CAST A April 13th, 330PM
CAST B April 13th, 800PM

About: After 7 years of having what seemed to be the perfect relationship Emily left Andrew. Andrew wasn’t sure why Emily did it. Emily wasn’t quite sure either. All she knew was that it needed to happen. As Andrew frantically works to find a way to fix his relationship, Emily tries to figure out why it was that she left him in the first place. A Kind of a Sad Love Story is the bittersweet story of a stagnant relationship between two twenty-somethings who, in order to move on with their lives, must first break each other’s heart.

Here’s a fun, and short vlog I did during the promotional shoot!

A shot of both cast A and B!

bindlestiff_akosls5_group with Lee

And finally, I’m excited to add that we had a neat little shout out from Caroline Anderson in this month’s issue of Theatre Bay Area!


Here’s what I want to know, and please, feel free to leave your answers in the comment section below, or Tweet me! Question: How often have you experienced unrequited love in your life? And how did you cope with it? 

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