Being Hueman


That’s not a typo. I first came across that word from an artist friend’s (Allison Torneros) Tumblr page. Being a fan of wordplay, I was instantly smitten by it and the transparent ideas it represented in human diversity, mind and body.. How insanely obvious it was that everyone has their own personality but so easily overlooked, or taken for granted. An infinite spectrum of color and activity that gives way to opinions and values…

A kaleidoscope. (photo courtesy of

Being involved in the performing arts, it’s not surprising that I’ve taken a keen interest in learning more about the human experience. After all, most of what ends up on stage, or film, and even music are about human experience. I say most, because, there are those occasional pieces about space aliens, inanimate objects, colors –which actually, may have more to say about the human experience than what’s presented on the surface.

Next month, I’ll be attending the first ever BEING HUMAN, The Science of Human Experience, symposium! I’ll be going to quench the fires of curiosity, and to dig for possible guideposts in my ever evolving craft of Acting. It’s my belief that to be an actor, one must be able to speak the truth. While the meaning of ‘the truth’ can be construed as being the opposite of lying, I feel, in portraying characters, that the emotional truth (whether the words match or not) is an important facet of being believable in performance. Even Villains find truth in their own words, actions, misgivings.

Questions I’ll be bringing to the table:

  • What powers these impulses that drive a person to action?
  • What is the capacity in which Art triggers emotions and actions in a person?
  • How deeply ingrained is the trait of curiosity in individuals?
  • As the brain is continually evolving, what does technology (social media, in particular) stand to influence in its evolution?
Here’s is an excerpt from their website:

I’m less interested in finding out what makes us happy, but more on, why we search for happiness. I encourage you to check this event out. And join the conversation –if you’re at all interested in reading more about it, follow them on Twitter.

If you’re interested in these topics, or have questions of your own that you’d like to explore, I encourage you to leave a comment below, or ask me on Twitter! What do your impulses say?


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