April 2013 in Photography






IMG_1135They say to travel when you’re young. But you know, I think you can travel at any age in your life- and to any place. It’s like re-watching a movie you saw as a kid and having a better/different understanding of it on the second go around.

1) I re-visit Las Vegas, and this time for a family wedding. I definitely appreciated it more this time around. Despite sinning less on this trip, it was surprisingly more rewarding altogether. 2) On nights when I’m not able to carpool after rehearsal, I resort to having to take the very last train back down to San Jose (from San Francisco). Normally I’m dog tired and am able to sleep through most of it. 3) In Berkeley, I saw a show called The Language Archive by Julia Cho. It was a remarkably sweet story. 4), 5) and 6) create a Bay Area commute trifecta; San Francisco, Berkeley, and San Jose respectively.

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