A Kind of Sad Love Story

Okay- this post really isn’t about a personal kind of sad love story. In fact, it’s about a happy story about being cast in Jeffrey Lo‘s (not so unfamiliar to this blog) A Kind of Sad Love Story.

The entire cast (minus one) were there for the table read. Twelve in all.

Yup. Twelve. Twelve to be divided into two casts- A and B.


The direction the creative team is taking with this (World) premiere is to present the play with two casts! That’s right- while I haven’t completely wrapped my head around it, I think it’s pretty boss to have so many talented people on board! I’m excited to see how it develops and you can bet your sweet-theatah-loving arse I’ll be reporting my thoughts on being part of a two cast production.

At the helm of this piece is our Director, Alan Quismorio, who if you don’t remember played the poor unfortunate fella my character gets to torture in The Strange Case of Citizen de la Cruz. No hard feelings, Alan? *Gulp*

Shout out to The Hub Bay Area and Intersection for the Arts for providing such a spiffy space to host our table read.

And we’re off to another adventure in Theatre!

What pieces of Theatre are you looking forward to catching this year? Leave a comment below or feel free to tweet me @tasialabastro

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  1. Sounds like a cool piece. Would love to hear more about it!

  2. J. says:

    I just always love your positive energy, Tasi. Best of luck with this new show!

    1. D’awwww! I’m glad. I enjoy sharing it. I hope you’re well. Anything neat planned in the near future? Also, are you on Facebook? (lol…)

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